Move the water, move the heat.
The sun heats the world and water cools it. Since water is the thermoregulator of the planet, places with water will be cooler than places without. When trees are removed and the soil is exposed - the natural air-conditioner, the water pump, the CO2 pump - the heart of the eco cycle - has been removed. It's important to know about small and big water cycles. Small water cycles are plants and shrubs. Big water cycles are trees and forests. The point being: a water cycle can be very small, yet still fulfills the job of a water cycle... and this is absolutely necessary. In the morning when the land is cool, dew forms on leaves and this is enough to promote a small water cycle and a healthy eco system.

Land that isn't protected by trees or plants dries out, all for lack of a small water cycle - if there is no water to evaporate - the suns energy is stored as heat - heating the air above the land - rain doesn't fall and looks for cooler place - the big water cycle is disturbed. it doesn't rain anymore because and the land stores the suns' energy as heat. The heat accumulates and just like a house brick retains the heat long after the sun goes down. This heat unless dissipated and cooled by a water cycle becomes a planet hotspot... as well as the loss of good soil and more desertification.

The loss of good soil, is the greater loss.
The small water cycle is the key to restoring the land.
The first thing we are going to change is your thinking about Climate Change.
We love the planet!
Technology and Ecology working together.

Any action that channels water, by changing the flow - like a dam (and we have 50,000 dams on the planet) interrupts the ecology associated with the flow which in turn changes the ecology of the land deprived of water. This is well known, but the heat accumulated from the land that has been deprived of its' water is yet to be recognized. The added heat affects the weather and rain - which changes how wet the soil is saturated - which increases land heat further. Since heat is dissipated with water evaporation, places that don't have water will be "even" hotter due to heat accumulation and the land soil will decline.

Unless it's a tree, plants or grasses with the "mechanisms" to cool, it's heat storage, into the night.
The relationship between water and ecology comes in big and small sun driven water cycles - and these cycles regulate temperature. When heat is combined with a "lack of water", temperature has no regulator.

World lights not only indicates point-sources of man-made heat energy,
but man's footprint driven by the world's power stations.

DID YOU KNOW? America directs the flow of 136 billion gallons of water everyday to cool down their power stations - and the waste heat (up to 2/3rds of the energy produced) is inefficiently lost to the atmosphere via cooling stations. The cycle and water flow is adding heat energy.

Dr Michal Kravcik, People and Water NGO, Slovakia.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Water Recovery
People and Water – Water Talk with Slovak NGO Chairman Michal Kravcik on the Eve of Copenhagen Conference – 1/2

Water for the Recovery of the Climate :: A New Water Paradigm
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